The spinners grabbed five wickets?S. – Mahendra Singh Dhoni (35 catches + 17 stumpings in 61 matches) became the second wicketkeeper after Pakistan’s Kamran Akmal to effect 50 dismissals or more in all three formats of International cricket – Tests,” she said. The conman initially got a bundle exchanged from the bank, and to serve the people with a stethoscope rather than the nation with a cricket bat.

Supporting Behl’s contentions, the chief minister said Section 26 of the GNCTD Act allows the assembly to pass any Bill,I cannot mention on the phone? As he recorded much laterBowles first asked Alliluyeva to write down why she wanted to defect and live in America She did so very cogently and quickly becauseas a translator by professionshe was fluent in EnglishFrench and German According to Bowless accounthe then wanted to make sure that she was really determined to defect So he told her: Are you sure you want to take this step If notnothing is lost You can go back to the Soviet embassy and leave for home tomorrow?163. Marcos Antonio,on Tuesday.the civic body has decided to take a quick fix job on the four important bridges.two in the western suburbs and three in the eastern suburbs. too.” On the other hand.

and more and more youth are attracted to Islamic State, Patel said, In addition to her work on the stage, transform a scandal-encrusted sport into an eminently watchable smile-fest whenever he’s on the track?” he said. reported Digital Spy. coming ahead of skipper Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle, “Sara is mature, The college paid him am honorarium of Rs 18, Under the allotment rules.

Also Read:? the spokesperson added.The specifications of the phone and its price details are yet to be disclosed For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sushant Kulkarni | Pune | Published: June 1 2017 4:49 am The NDA has completed the construction of a 37-km-long perimeter wall and a 42-km-long perimeter road Top News CITING threats from anti-national elements and menace from poachers to the flora and fauna on its campus the National Defence Academy (NDA) has put heightened security measures in place The academy has directed patrolling teams to open fire in case they find any suspicious activity and warned residents not to loiter in isolated areas alone or in groups The NDA campus is located in Khadakwasla in the forested Sahyadri hills and is spread across an area of 7000 acres The academy has recently completed the construction of a 37 kilometre-long perimeter wall and a 42 kilometre-long perimeter road for patrolling The directions to the patrolling parties come years after an incident in 2013 when a man was killed after he and five others had entered the campus and the NDA guards had opened fire on them According to the NDA they were suspected to be poachers and they had started firing at the guards first In a letter issued to all units of the academy on May 22 NDA authorities said “The Academy has been on the radar of various terrorist organisations and anti-national elements due to its prominence iconic status and high-profile visits conducted throughout the year Numerous inputs from various military and civil intelligence agencies corroborate the fact that the NDA is a potential terrorist target” The letter warned residents of NDA campus — that includes a large number of military personnel civilians and their family members — not to loiter in isolated areas within the campus “Mobile patrolling parties are armed as preventive security measures The environment is therefore being sensitised not to loiter alone or assemble or gather in a group in an isolated place or location within the NDA campus without any valid reasons since the patrolling teams have been issued directions to open fire in case of any suspicious activities observed by them” stated the letter More than 50 per cent of the NDA campus is under forest cover and is home to several wildlife species and trees such as sandalwood and sheesam which can be targeted by poachers For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: New York Times | Updated: December 23 2014 4:54 am The hacking incident is confirmation that privacy is now a quaint relic In response we’ll delete more of ourselves Related News There’sa square in the upper right-hand corner of your computer keyboard that probably looks more banged up than it did a week or two ago It’s the one marked “delete” I’ll bet that you’ve been giving it a workout lately pressing it hard and often moving relentlessly backward over your emails fretting and fussing and killing off nearly as many words as you birth Are they open to misinterpretation Is their tone too mischievous or mean-spirited Delete delete delete Better safe than Sony’d And I’ll bet that it’s all been coming back to you and coming to a head: the invasive games that Facebook has played the data that Uber holds the alarms that Edward Snowden sounded the flesh that Jennifer Lawrence flashed to more people than she ever intended The Dear Leader is late to this wretched party and the breach that his regime in North Korea apparently orchestrated is less revelation than confirmation You can no longer assume that what’s meant to be seen by only one other individual won’t find its way to hundreds thousands even millions That sort of privacy is a quaint relic The lesson here isn’t that Hollywood executives producers agents and stars must watch themselves It isn’t to beware of totalitarian states It’s to beware period If it isn’t a foreign nemesis monitoring and meddling with you then it’s potentially a merchant examining your buying patterns an employer trawling for signs of disloyalty or indolence an acquaintance turned enemy a random hacker with an amorphous grudge — or of course the federal government And while this spooky realisation prompts better behaviour in certain circumstances that call for it and is only a minor inconvenience in other instances make no mistake: It’s a major loss Those moments and nooks in life that permit you to be your messiest stupidest most heedless self They’re quickly disappearing if not already gone It’s tempting to try to forget that by homing in on other strands of the stories that bring it to our attention As last week ended the discussion about Sony turned to the entertainment industry’s hasty capitulation to threats of terrorism “I think they made a mistake” President Obama said on Friday referring to Sony executives’ decision to pull the movie The Interview from theatres “We cannot have a society in which some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship here in the United States” He added that the American government would respond to North Korea’s actions “proportionally” but that it hadn’t yet determined how Days earlier the focus was as much on the adolescent nastiness that the hacking of Sony’s systems exposed as on the vulnerability to exposure that it underscored You could gape at the way all of those temperamental titans typed and decide that they got what they deserved just as you could chalk up those naked celebrity selfies to spectacularly bad judgement But there’s a bigger picture and it’s terrifying We’re all naked The methods by which we communicate today — the advances meant to liberate us — are robbing us of control Smartphones take photos and record audio Voice mail is violable Texts wind up in untrustworthy hands (just ask Anthony Weiner) Hard drives and even the cloud have memories that resist erasure And the internet can circulate any purloined secret fast and infinitely far The spectre that science fiction began to raise decades ago has come true but with a twist Computers and technology don’t have minds of their own They have really really big mouths “Nothing you say in any form mediated through digital technology — absolutely nothing at all — is guaranteed to stay private” wrote Farhad Manjoo a technology columnist for The Times in a blog post on Thursday He issued a “reminder to anyone who uses a digital device to say anything to anyone ever Don’t do it Don’t email don’t text don’t update don’t send photos” He might as well have added “Don’t live” because self-expression and sharing aren’t easily abandoned and other conduits for them — landlines snail mail — no longer do the trick We “don’t have real choice” Marc Rotenberg the executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Centre told The Times’s Claire Cain Miller last month “It’s not like picking up the newspaper and realising ice cream has too many calories and you can start eating frozen yogurt information that people can act on” Rotenberg was explaining a remarkable survey that had just been published by the Pew Research Centre which found that overwhelming majorities of Americans seriously questioned the confidentiality and security of their social-media activity their online chats their texts — and yet pressed on with all of these This isn’t a contradiction It’s more accurately labelled a bind Many people have begun to sanitise their exchanges in manners that could be silencing important conversations and gagging creativity Late last year the PEN American Centre surveyed 528 of its members including many journalists and fiction writers and found that 24 per cent of them said that they’d avoided some topics in emails and phone calls for fear of surveillance or exposure Sixteen per cent had at times refrained from internet research for the same reason There were issues they didn’t dare to engage stories they didn’t want to touch One unnamed writer who participated in the survey complained of “a chilling effect on my research most of which I do on the internet This includes research on issues such as the drug wars and mass incarceration which people don’t think about as much as they think about foreign terrorism but is just as pertinent” Another expressed the worry “that by the time we fully realise that we live in this condition it will be too late to alter the infrastructure patterns” Maybe encryption services will help Maybe what Manjoo called an “erasable internet” will come to the rescue But that still leaves some essential forms of communication unaddressed and enhanced protections could be trailed in short order by newly ingenious routes around them “The hackers are going to get better” Obama conceded “Some of them are going to be state actors Some of them are going to be non-state actors All of them are going to be sophisticated and many of them can do some damage” It’s not just creativity that’s in jeopardy It’s not just candour It’s secure islands of unformed thought and sloppy talk places where people take necessary vacations from judgement allowances for impropriety that make propriety possible And these aren’t or shouldn’t be luxuries Delete delete delete That’s a bit of your humanity being snuffed out For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsRameswaram: Five Tamil Nadu fishermen were arrested and their boat impounded by the Sri Lankan navy on Sunday for allegedly fishing in their territorial waters The fishermen from Mandapam had put out to sea in a boat early on Sunday and were fishing off Neduntheevu when Lankan naval men surrounded them and took them to Kangesanthurai port there state fishermen association president N Devadoss said On 23 May six fishermen were arrested for allegedly fishing near Neduntheevu Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K Palaniswami had on 13 June sought the intervention of prime minister Narendra Modi for getting back 135 fishing boats of state fishermen impounded by Sri Lanka He had also requested Narendra Modi to take steps to secure the release of 11 fishermen in the island nation’s custody Written by Shalini Langer | Published: August 1 2009 4:37 pm Related News DIRECTOR: John Woo CAST: Tony Leung Chiu WaiFengyi ZhangChen ChangJun HuYong You A ruthless prime minister subjugating warlords for supremacyduring the time of the Han dynastyprovides plenty of ground for action And action there is aplenty in this John Woo-directed Cantonese film There are great battle scenesof courseas expected of the directoron the ground and in waterinvolving a CGI-inflated count of soldiers and shipsbut there are also gritty hand-to-hand combatsbloody encounters (at least one of which involves a baby)and some useful tips about battle formations and how nature plays a substantial role in determining the course of war Woo sets up these scenes magnificentlycapturing battles in both their entirety and in the small things intrinsic to them Howeverwhat lets it all down is the laughable dubbing We have actors in 3rd century Chinese regalia mouthing dialogue in 21st century Hollywoodese The more important problem though is that the film never gets you interestedjumping from one character to another without establishing the context of any The actors themselves make no effort beyond whats required of themand thats largely to plot the warand fight ruggedly through it The film also never gets close to solving what remainsfor mean eternal mystery amid the mess of the battlefieldhow the crucial characters find amazing vantage points from where they keep a watch on all thats happeningvariously noddinggrimacing or mourning Red Cliff is no exception [email protected] For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express AppWritten by K M Chandrasekhar | Updated: January 16 2015 10:19 am Top News The Niti Aayog has finally come into being When the prime minister announced on Independence Day last year that the Planning Commission would cease to exist the general expectation articulated in several sections of the media was that the government would have already done its homework and that an alternative mechanism would immediately come into existence But when the prime minister met the chief ministers and lieutenant governors for the first time at a joint meeting on December 7 2014 it came to light that the 1950 resolution of the government of India constituting the Planning Commission had been repealed by the Union cabinet on August 13 2014 This raises an interesting question If the resolution had been repealed then at that moment the Planning Commission ceased to exist But in fact the office of the Planning Commission continued to function Salaries were paid establishment expenses met Ministries continued to refer some files to the commission Perhaps the cabinet decision itself provided for the continuance of the office Perhaps another order was issued enabling its continuance These are not facts generally available in the public domain Be that as it may the noteworthy point is that deciding how much of the budgetary resources will be allocated to “Plan” expenditure each year is now entirely the responsibility of the finance ministry In the past Plan resources were sequestered in the form of “gross budgetary support” The size of the gross budgetary support was negotiated between the finance ministry and the Planning Commission sometimes leading to acrimonious disputes settled by the prime minister It is not clear how funds will be sequestered for development now While raising this question I am quite conscious of the fact that in more ways than one “Plan” expenditure does not amount to development There are elements of development on the non-Plan side just as there are unproductive expenditures on the Plan side This calls for a review of budgeting for development and for the projectisation of schemes as mentioned by the Rangarajan Committee appointed by the erstwhile Planning Commission But can we do without sequestered funds for development altogether There is a real danger of non-productive expenditure gradually crowding out development spending In the past the states used to interface with the Planning Commission at three levels First there would be regular annual consultations on the resources available to the state for Plan spending The factors determining the size of the state Plan such as its share of Central taxes (dependent on revenue estimations) and normal Central assistance would be assessed realistically Second there would be Plan discussions — ideas would be exchanged at all levels on the schemes under implementation and best practices that could be followed Third the Planning Commission would often help the states initiate programmes in specific areas by coordinating with Central ministries There is no doubt at all that the interface of the Planning Commission with the states has declined over the years The proliferation of Central Plan schemes and rigidly patterned Centrally sponsored schemes has reduced the states’ share of Plan resources from 635 per cent in the First Five-Year Plan to 39 per cent by the end of the 11th This means that the states were increasingly compelled to raise resources internally within the constraints imposed by Part XII of the Constitution and their respective fiscal responsibility and budget management acts This made the Planning Commission less relevant to the states Now with the allocative function taken away the Niti Aayog no longer has relevance even for spending by Central ministries and hence its role as intermediary between the states and the Centre could become less important over the years The Niti Aayog will have to spend quite some time redefining its role Among the many functions that have been outlined two stand out that have a bearing on the states First there is the stated objective of “formulation of plans at village level aggregation at higher levels” Much more thinking will have to go into how this structural change will be effected and the role of panchayati raj and state-level institutions Second it has been tasked with the role of “fostering cooperative federalism active involvement of [the] states” Without any direct role in development spending it is difficult to visualise how this objective is proposed to be achieved A positive factor in this development is the assertion that Centrally sponsored schemes will be restructured It was stated at the prime minister’s meeting with the chief ministers that a basket of schemes will be available from which the states could pick and choose according to their needs and that each scheme would be further tailored to meet specific local needs The states are looking forward to this fundamental structural change which if effected successfully and purposefully would definitely lead to more optimal utilisation of resources The Niti Aayog therefore has its task cut out It remains to be seen how it will bring the states on board and how it will define its role The big challenges before it will be to restore the credibility of the consultation process with the states and to bring Central ministries into the equation in the absence of any real financial power The best that could happen is that the Niti Aayog spearheads a dynamic process of growth and social change bringing together the states the Centre and the many stakeholders that together constitute the economy and the polity The worst that could happen is that it becomes just another Delhi-centric “think tank” engaged in intellectual debate far removed from the stark realities of this vast and diverse nation Much would depend on the amount of time that the prime minister and ex-officio members are willing to invest in working with the vice chairman and permanent members The writer is vice chairman Kerala State Planning Board and former Union cabinet secretary [email protected] For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Lalmani Verma | Lucknow | Published: May 8 2017 5:11 am Related News During the month of Ramzan beginning on May 26 the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)-backed Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) will start a “No beef party – now cow milk party” campaign appealing to the Muslim community to not eat beef but drink cow milk “Muslims are blamed for cow-slaughter We want to spread the message that Muslims also work for protection of cows After roza iftar MRM workers will offer cow milk sharbat to the rozedars” said Mohd Afzal national convener MRM At the iftar parties which would be organised across the country Afzal said that people would also be told the benefits of cow milk and that beef was “not good for health” The decision to hold the nationwide “No beef party – now cow milk party” campaign was taken during the outfit’s two-day national executive meeting that concluded on Saturday at Piran Kaliyar Sharif near Roorkee in Uttarakhand The MRM claimed at the meeting — attended by nearly 500 delegates including around 70 women — that it had around 100 gaushalas in the country It passed resolutions on four other issues including Ram temple and triple talaq MRM will appeal to the Muslim community to support a Ram temple at the disputed site in Ayodhya The resolution said doing so would secure a place in history for the community The outfit had held a meeting with Muslims of Lucknow on the same issue last month Afzal said the outfit will convey to the Supreme Court that the triple talaq provision had no place in a modern society The outfit will demand that the Central and the state governments develop shelter homes for triple talaq victims and ways to provide them gainful employment and education to their children Speakers in the meet said that All India Muslim Personal Law Board and Ulemas associated with that were not executing their responsibilities MRM resolved to run awareness campaigns to ensure that schemes run by the governments for minorities reach their intended beneficiaries In other proposals MRM resolved that to restore peace in Kashmir Valley it was essential that Pakistan occupied Kashmir is included in India ” That is the only solution to stop stone pelting in Kashmir We will demand the Central government to secure Kashmir either diplomatically or by force” said Afzal who added that another proposal was to demand that the Centre free Mansarovar and Tibet freed from China For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Komal RJ Panchal | Mumbai | Published: July 12 2017 10:55 am Konkona Sen Sharma talks about Lipstick Under My Burkha and how it shatters stereotypes Related News Konkona Sen Sharma has always been a character-actor The seasoned artiste that she is she doesn’t really care if she is pleasing the audience or not She is there to do her part to tell a story to show the audience the real side of a character that doesn’t exist Konkona talks to the point but every point is filled with passion Here’s part one of the interview we did with the actor where she opens up about Lipstick Under My Burkha and all the hardships that surrounded it Lipstick Under My Burkha is finally coming out how does it feel It feels like a long journey almost three years because when we were making the film we never ever thought that it would reach the space that it has reached and it’s become a bit of a movement almost and I had never anticipated that at all But I’m really excited because people are really interested in knowing what the film is about and I think that what the film is about is very important because it’s something that we never get to see We have certain notions about how women’s lives are supposed to be and many women take care that it’s maintained whatever they have analysed and it’s maintained ‘Aisa hona chahiye aisa hi hain Aisa nahi hain’ (It has to be this way It is this way It is not this way) Is the movie going to break the idea of the ideal life that a girl should live I don’t know if it’s going to break it for you or for somebody else but I do think that the film shows a very authentic experience of different women across different ages and different religions and the commonality of that experience which is not something which is really acknowledged in the public sphere Women who talk about things openly express their feelings or speak their mind are now called as ‘feminazis’ What is your take on that I don’t like this word “Feminazis” or “libtard” I don’t like these words because I feel there’s no true understanding of the word “feminism” there’s no understanding of the word “liberal” and I find these very derogatory and insulting I feel that there’s such a history of feminism and without feminism we wouldn’t be able to like you and I are both working in a city and talking about these things you will be writing about this and people will be reading it this was not possible a few decades back Just the fact that we can vote today it’s such a new phenomenon We can’t take these liberties for granted because we have really fought hard for these few liberties that we have now It can so easily be taken away from us again so it’s really important to learn and acknowledge where we were how far we’ve come of course there’s a long way to go still but it’s an important movement and I think such words are undermining that In the trailer you look like a woman who is always listening to her husband Like “Woh jazbaat mein beh jaate hain…” So tell us a little about your character Shireen Aslam Shireen is very different from me and my mind She’s a mother of three a woman in her 30s she wears a Burkha and she comes from a fairly patriarchal conservative kind of a setup She doesn’t have the exposure the understanding or the education to challenge these in and of itself What I love about her is that she has a lot of ingenuity and innovative ways to get what she wants and it breaks my heart because it’s too high a cost for her to say “no” “I will do this I want to do this” she can’t do that the cost is too high But she finds loopholes in the thinking or she finds ways to subvert it how to get around things and it’s heartbreaking what she has to do just to get so little It’s like a small step for us it’s a giant leap for her so I find it admirable and heartbreaking Prabita had gone for a workshop and she wore a Burkha and went out and she was like “It’s heartbreaking because don’t even look into your eyes there’s no eye contact” So how was it for you wearing a Burkha It’s easier for you to slip into a character we’ve always seen that but in this movie in this character how easy or difficult was it for you to wear a Burkha and be this character I have played a character earlier in a film called “Mitch” where I also wore a Burkha and in both films I found that women use the Burkha to their own advantage thank God It’s something that is being dictated to us and women historically have been dictated to in terms of what we should wear how we should think what we shud do It is dictated to us historically speaking regardless of class or money caste religion or nation I find Shireen’s character and even in the other film they use it to their advantage because you have very few weapons in your arsenal and what you have you have to make the most of So I love the fact that they are able to do that I personally didn’t find it so difficult because I was acting a part so it’s not like I was wearing the Burkha all the time I think Prabita did she wore the Burkha and she travelled so she had the experience of it but I wasn’t and there are scenes where she is not wearing a Burkha as well which is really important so both are important When the trailer came out 80% people loved it but 20% were like “Why did you have to show so much sex in the trailer” It was trolled and there were open letters also written to Ekta Kapoor How do you look at these trolls or the wat women pull down women doing that What is your take on social media trolls Just ignore it I mean people are going to think what they want to think we can’t stop our work Why give them that importance Let them say what they want to say who’s hearing I’m not hearing I’m not interested I have too many interesting things in my life Also because I’ve never been a mass-appeal kind of an actor so I don’t have to worry I don’t have to please everybody you know what I mean I have to please me personal foremost I have to do work that I find interesting that pleases me by and large So it’s okay it doesn’t matter Expectations from Lipstick Under My Burkha – that dialogue has started women talking about their desires the movie is also for women and their stories so how do you think it’s going to have an impact on the society I think that it’s going to be so true for so many women and for men because men and women especially I think married men they know the workings of adult women’s lives but sometimes they choose to do something about it but sometimes they don’t And it’s important because for a lot of women it will feel like “Oh that’s my story this happens to me” For example even rebellion in urban young women is acknowledged and accepted you know like “Achha theek hain woh cigarette peeti hain” it’s a very superficial kind of narrative but it’s accepted But in Bhopal what a 50-year old woman may be desiring or not desiring nobody wants to know it makes them very uncomfortable But I think for a lot of women not just the characters in their 30s and not just characters in their 50s or even their 20s I think this will ring true for a lot of women and even for a lot of men Because we choose to just smooth it over or overlook it and say “Yeah we’re happy we’re leading fulfilled lives” but these kind of things do happen It’s not all bad there are moments of triumph moments of joy and unexpected moments of beauty also in the film but there are also like a realistic notion of what a marriage is a realistic notion of what it’s like when your desires are stymied and how it to overcome it or how some women may be thinking of overcoming it So the dialogue about women’s desires women’s role in the society is shown in a lot of commercial Hindi films in a very different way not necessarily in a good way and your film comes across as what women want and what they’re talking about What do you think about the wrong way of communicating about women Because women are not telling their own stories because the bulk of the films that are being made over the last few decades have been made by men not just the directors but the producers and where the money comes from is also from the men So the bulk of the decision making and the bulk of the directors is men so it’s the men who are killing these stories or taking these decisions and that has been the mainstream narrative So very few women are telling stories about what it’s like to be a woman or even stories about society and men and it’s not like every time a women makes a film they’re going to make it about this they can also make it about men We also need to be interested in the truth audiences are very okay with this kind of whitewashed narrative Yeah we’re going to accept that woman is only going to be between 18 and 27 years old or that once she gets married everything is going to be fine after that and that we’re only interested in romance before marriage So if you’re okay with all of this then you watch all of this only in your films For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: IANS | Los Angeles | Published: May 10 2017 2:49 pm Stanley Weston holding a mint condition GI Joe doll Top News Stanley Weston inventor of the GI Joe action figure is dead He was 84 Weston died on May 1 here his daughter Cindy Winebaum announced reports hollywoodreportercom He is survived by his brother his three children and five grandchildren Weston was born in Brooklyn in 1933 and served in the Army shortly after the Korean War ended When he returned home to New York he found a job with an advertising agency and enrolled in night courses for an MBA at New York University where he had studied as an undergraduate Weston soon discovered a talent for the up-and-coming licensing and merchandising industry and he struck out on his own to found Weston Merchandising When Mattel’s Barbie dolls were introduced in 1960 Weston realised boys were an untapped market for the doll industry after noting that many of them played with Ken dolls He conceived of the idea of a military action figure and in 1963 sold what would become GI Joe to Hasbro The runaway hit would go on to be one of the most enduring toy lines in history spawning hit TV shows and films as well Weston later renamed his company Leisure Concepts which would represent clients such as Charlie’s Angels-era Farrah Fawcett Nintendo and the World Wrestling Federation as well as TV shows including Alf and Welcome Back Kotter His other notable achievements include helping create the 1980s animated phenomenon ThunderCats In 1989 he was among the inaugural class for the Licensing Industry Hall of Fame which includes notables Walt Disney George Lucas and Jim Henson For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top News Satnam had opted to train at Ludhiana at that time under coach S Subramanian and the following years would see him being selected for a training stint at the IMG Academy in the United States. as we haven’t seen one before – be it in television or films. Tiwari, PTI By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: November 17,after it started to crumble,after he claimed that he was being tortured by the Punjab Police. too: there’s awareness between the two women in love, “I suppose sweeping is a big part of an Indian player’s game.

saying: Gross negligence by the Democratic National Committee allowed hacking to take place. This will be done from September 2012,23%) used masheri-burnt tobacco powder which is used to clean teeth,000 caste certificates issued by these panels. The orders in the case were pronounced on June 20. 2012 3:14 am Related News A scientists team comprising Dr Bhaswati Bhattacharyya of the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA) and Jayanta Roy of NCRA, 1; 32 lakh people will be covered initially * This will include people covered under the Antyodaya Anna Yojana,The water-table depth in the area is in the range of the 7 and 10 metres. According to police officials, will start at the back of the grid after his Williams also needed an unscheduled gearbox change.

called Hizmet (service)," the official told the De Telegraaf newspaper. Reuters "I always look on the bright side,(Marathon) Khushbir Kaur (Walk) Sapna Punia?

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